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Vendix – The final resource for Vending Merchandisers, logistics and Technical assistance 

A short description about our solution

Our Vendix Suite of apps can manage every single external activities for merchandisers, technicians and warehouse operators.

3 different products takes care of the daily activities of external staff, guiding them to operate and communicating in real time with the director’s room to verify in real time anomalies and alerts

The handhelds map functions (PDF file) can describe all functions and interfaces between the mobile solution and the ERP.

Single hand usability

The ergonomic interface allows users to handly perform each operation with a single hand

Multi-user interface

the single Device can be used by different profiles and can be assigned to different veicles

OCS billing and invoicing

OCS and direct selling invoices with management of CC payments. Automatic delivery of PDF invoice

Vending managment

Vending Machine delivery, planogram management and audit DDCMP compliant in a single tool.

Real time controls

With the always up connection, the PDA can send in real time data about the activities to allow a contextual control of any KPI

Why choose our product?

  • All features to manage external processes with a real time connection and a deep integration with the ERP
  • Multi-lingual, with translations in 10 languages
  • Geo-localizable
  • Invoice and billing features
  • EVA-DTS auditing compliant with different media
  • Real time dispatching and task management

Designed for rugged devices

Single hand and extensive barcode usability

IP67 Certification: water resistant and really strong chassis

Our Handhelds are really strong and rugged machines. They can serve the merchandiser or technician fof 6-10 years without problems.

A protection program and a service contract can assure to the customer a stable performance and a complete cover of problems.


A few screenshots of our app