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Vega Vending – Enterprise Resource Planner for Vending Business

A short description about our solution

The philosophy of Vega Windows©

Digisoft S.p.A. works with a structure of counselling, development and software assistance to offer the Vending market the final instrument to check your own business in an easy and efficient way.

Vega has completely been developed by Digisoft based on Oracle, the  most efficient and reliable database on the market, and it is continuously  pdated by a staff of 45 professionals, following the requests of the market.

The full automatization of the external activities, thanks to the  PDAs equipped with bar code readers, and the straight procedures of products and incomes check, allow to reduce the errors and enable the vending sector to concentrate its efforts on the business, on the analysis, on the development and on the optimization of its customers.


Oracle based security features with logs of sensible data modification and print - Exporet activities


Multi lingual (more than 10..) support with interface and content changing by company, branch, user, customer...


Integration with the best Accounting and Financial ERP on the Market, with text, Idocs, DB-link or web-server tecnologies

EVA-DTS compliant

All data form machines and payment systems are converted in EVA-DTS standard audit format.

Telemetry ready

All Telemetry systems on the market already integrated in our system. Breakdowns, selling audits and alarms are managed in the same logic

Key factors of Vega Vending ERP

  • Vertical software for the Vending: it speaks the same language as the sector operators and it manages their typical processes
  • Modular and scalable shape, able to fit companies of any size
  • Translated in 12 languages
  • Integrated with the most common accounting Software
  • Standard EVA-DTS (MDB & Executive Compliant)
  • Telemetry ready
  • Integrated with web instruments for orders management and sales force
  • Interfaced with all typical operating instruments of the Vending (payment systems, coin-sorting machines, vending machines and telemetry systems)
  • Management of the access with the spread of roles and of users
  • Reports and printings customizable by the customer
  • Export of the data in different formats (Office, XML..)
  • Multi-branch and multi-warehouse options.
  • Management of views of data by branch, user, seller
  • Integrated with pocketPC software for the management of the supply and assistance activity, of the warehouse and the business activities
  • GPRS support for a real-time communication between external and internal operators
  • Integrated with cartographic system and check of tours by geo-localization
  • execution of commercial simulations with the purpose to verify, preventively to an offer, the residual margin of the single consumption
  • Integrated with Outlook, with the consequent possibility of planning of activities and updating and control of notebooks
  • Endowed with a powerful tool of business intelligence that allows many kind
  • of multilevel statistic analysis, completely customizable by the user
  • Management of Monitor Manager for the control and the monitoring of all the external activities
  • Management of the configurations of the V.M. snack, with the creation of planograms personalized for single client

Why choose our product?

Vega for the Enterprise Vending Company

Vega was minded to be able to managehigh quantities of data and to grant operative support and real-time analysis to the great vending companies. The features for the big management are:

  1. Multi-country and multi-company structure
  2. Employment of world leader Database Oracle©, which grants perfect performances, safety and scalability
  3. Management of multi-branch and multi-warehouse with partial views of the data and of the processes
  4. Management of master tables for the parallel updating of different databases
  5. Multi-language management with lan guage selection by user
  6. Optimized structure for the management of the installations
  7. Integration with the most common ERP (SAP©, Navision ©, etc.)
  8. Integration with cartographic geo-location systems and tours  anagement
  9. Integration with tours optimization systems

Vega is a powerful organizational instrument and it is a reference model for the medium-sized companies. Thanks to the real-time checks, the management can grow with regularity and it can also opti-
mize its processes:

  • Flexible and scalable organizational model
  • User division and checked data enter
  • Integration with many accountancy sof-
    tware (Mago.net©, etc.)
  • Possibility to create customized reports
  • Profitability analysis on different aggregation levels and statistics, to supply
  • support to the operating daily decisions in managing machine park and operators

Vega was born from the experience of 25 years in this field and has got all the knowledge’s to manage every problem in the best way.

The small-sized company that decides to trust Digisoft SpA can take advantage of its experience and of its practice into the field:

•An organizational model and a long experience in the field supplied by a reliable, solid and competent partner •Automatized management of the supply and sale processes

•Deletion of the manual data insertions and employment of a unique management instrument

•Management of the administrative performances and law communications

•Automatization of the tested sale and contextual printing of the fiscal documents by palmtop

•Focus on the check, possible with light structures too

•Increase of the activity value, thanks to the employment of the most common software in the Vending market

Vega Lite is an innovative system of fruition of the famous product Digisoft for the informatization of the Vending companies. The micro companies can take

advantage of the experience and the tools Digisoft without purchasing licenses or hardware, renting with a monthly canon the base.

The solution is realized in order to satisfy all the needs of a small and dynamics company and it is furnished with all the basic informations already compiled (products, models etc):

•Management registry of clients. VM. PoS

•Management restocking-invoicing (from center and with handheld)-load van

•Management of stores and Loading papers

•Management of counting and electronic audits

•Management of all the type of service (Vending, kit, watercoolers, integrations and rebounds)


A few screenshots of our app