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CPI & Digisoft…. A winning partnership for a real data stream from telemetry box

27 aprile 2016




CPI – Crane Payment Innovations & Digisoft  are finally moving together in a deep integration between the Easitrax®Advance 5000 and Vega

Venditalia Pad. 3 stand E61 F58 & Pad. 4 stand C31 D44


We are proud to present to the vending market a real Streaming data flow from a Vending Machine to an ERP. The concept is quite revolutionary. Actually the major part of telemetry boxes makes a periodic audit of the vending machine. The Audit, usually in EVA-DTS format, is a not resettable sales audit. Sales are calculated using the previous one. The accuracy of the sales timeline depends on the interval between 2 audits. On the other hand, the audit usually blocks the machine (an Out of Service message is usually shown on the screen) for the time needed to transfer the informations.  After the transmission data needs to be processed and used to calculate and to forecast……

With the data streaming approach every single sale is transferred when done with time stamp, selectio, price table, value and all complementary data that the VM can produce. The single sale is archived in a Data-warehouse that consolidate each event and create a real time response environment to put the information just in time where and when needed. And without any Out of Service….

Imagine the power of this solution in real application of van pre-kitting to prepare the product really needed in the VM based on Spiral status, stockout levels  and max quantity defined in the ERP, without leaving the VAN for a pre-refillment visit or any other activity where  fast availability of the  information is crucial and every second is precious. Imagine a planogram where each spiral or selection are shown with the real  stock, integrated with all the informations from Vega ERP (alarm stock – similar products presence – critical product for the contract with the customer – Recursive breakdown on the same machine – preventive maintenance expiring…).

A real time decision support tool is on the market now! And is in real Demo in Venditalia  Pad. 3 stand E61 F58 & Pad. 4 stand C31 D44

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