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Smart Connectivity

Geomarketing & Digimaps
Telemetry data stream
Rolling scheduling

Smart Working

VEndInApp: Mobile tablet CRM
VendixApp: mobile Merch and tech App

Smart Consuming

VegaShop: E-commerce for Vending Business

smart vending

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        CPI – Crane Payment Innovations & Digisoft  are finally moving together in a deep integration between the Easitrax®Advance 5000 and Vega
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    Finally our mobile CRM app has landed on Apple Store. Contact us to have a demo or for infos

Digisoft is your best partner to perform in Vending & Coffee Business

To explore how vending main processes are managed follow the tabs below

Main Vending Features graphically explained

The PDF and Images listed in the tabs are mindmap documents with an organised list of features and steps or different paths to achieve in the best way the efficacy. There is no preconfigured “best model”, but a full set of different approaches and tools that can be used in the same time to better fit the real organization model of the vending Company

Every business have own specifications and needs for a performing CRM tool. Digisoft has designed the definitive CRM tool for vending, with all features to collect and manage informations about customers, prospects and competitors. Tracking and managing informations like:

  1. how many VM the competitor is managing and what average price?
  2. There are narrow doors of stairs to note for the installation?
  3. What planogram best fits the customer’s needs?
  4. What model is suitable for the customer’s dimension and is it actually in the warehouse? New or refurbished?
  5. what kind of complementary equipment is needed? Cashless system? CC reader? and what discount?
  6. Is the proposal profitable and it matches the company’s expectations?


Digisoft CRM for vending

All these infos are now managed in the VendinApp mobile CRM and in the main ERP, VEGA in a fully integrated environment, realised to match Vending companies needs

Probably the stock and cash control is one of the more complex processes in Vending Companies. Thousands of cash bags and tons of refillments from vans or external warehouses, retourns, fresh products, Planograms to be managed…

The life of a refiller and technician is really complicated. Digisoft has more than 30 years of experience in real time cash and product control. Our direction rooms allows Vending companies to have  a real time status of all external activities.

Here the PDF file for stock and cash features

2stock managementcash control

Telemetry is a really important improvement in vending industry because it adds the real time dimension to the business. Digisoft has integrated the commonly used telemetry boxes in an armonic way, using the full feature of the ERP with the addition of events and sales audits typically offered by a telemetry box. In the attached file and in the picture below a list of implemented functionalities.


Tour Management is the most  important activity of the operation manager and it’s quite complicated to reach the optimum between VM needs and customer’ visits.

Digisoft has studied a rolling scheduling tool that can generate saving about 18-25%. The geographical view is also important to give to the customer a visual tool to maximise the result of the planning.

Tour management mindmap


tour management

Don’t want to explain to much about functionality list running on our rugged device…

pda mobile solution


Managing all processes of a Vending Company

With all main Business Models and Logics aready developped in 25 Years of experience.

Focus on market and Business… Vega Vending ERP will take care about your processes

Support & Consulting

Dedicated support and consulting with high SLA in 5 languages


Oracle based security features with logs of sensible data modification and print - Exporet activities


Multi lingual (more than 10..) support with interface and content changing by company, branch, user, customer...


Integration with the best Accounting and Financial ERP on the Market, with text, Idocs, DB-link or web-server tecnologies

EVA-DTS compliant

All data form machines and payment systems are converted in EVA-DTS standard audit format.

Telemetry ready

All Telemetry systems on the market already integrated in our system. Breakdowns, selling audits and alarms are managed in the same logic

Single hand usability

The ergonomic interface allows users to handly perform each operation with a single hand

Integrations with financial ERP

Vega Vending ERP is fully integrable with existing Accounting and finance ERP.
Data base link, Idoc, web servers are possibile interfaces.

Multi-user interface

the single Device can be used by different profiles and can be assigned to different veicles

Technical assistance

Real time task management and planned maintenance management

OCS billing and invoicing

OCS and direct selling invoices with management of CC payments. Automatic delivery of PDF invoice

Vending managment

Vending Machine delivery, planogram management and audit DDCMP compliant in a single tool.

Real time controls

With the always up connection, the PDA can send in real time data about the activities to allow a contextual control of any KPI

Digisoft has 50 Resources specialized in Vending Business
and speaking 5 languages

450 Customers around the world succesfully  manage their processes with Digisoft Solutions

More than 15.000 PDA equipped with the mobile vending Solution Vendix

90% of the top 200 Tier Vending Companies in Italy are using our solution


Our main product – VEGA Vending – is the perfect solution for vending companies.

The solution fits perfectly enterprise, medium and small size companies covering all business and billing models

  • Integration with PDA solutions
    (windows Mobile, Android & IOS)
  • Integration with Google(C) Maps Cartografy
  • Integration with Account & Finance ERP
  • Integration with Data warehouse and BI tools

Oracle DB based ERP

Our solution is deeply integrated with Oracle Database. This marriage gives our ERP outstanding performance, security and reliability with full support of technologies like Real Application Cluster and Active Data Guard.

Our suite of solutions offer Oracle BI integration with hundreds of dashboards already done for every analysis purpose in vending business

Query by form technology

With our custom made QBF (query by form) the user is able to search and manage data using every field on the screen as a search field. This feature is extended also to derivate forms allowing to emulate directly in the interface complex and sophisticated data queries. No need to search with external engines or ask to the IT department to create filters…. All informations at the point of the user’s fingers!

Embedded report builder

the powerful report builder embed in Vega Vending eRP allows to authorized users to manage their own reports, without any limit. Reports can be exported, printed and shared with other users.

Reports can be created by zero or using an existing one and can be linked to a specific form.

Telemetry integration

The Digisoft approach is to integrate all telemetry boxes on the market. A telemetry box is a modem that can send out informations collected by the machine or the payment system.  Our approach is to integrate and leave the vending company to select the best hardware and the right pool of functionalities to perform and solve specific needs.

Our latest work and posts.

We present you our latest projects.



Our last product to help the salesforce to manage customers, prospects and all sales activities. All the informations critical for a reactive response to the market at your fingher  

Portable BI

Our last integration with mobile apps… Oracle Enterprise BI with all informations for Vending Business cross platform. Iphone, Tablets, web browsers can shaw all data about business and different KPI for any needed dimension. Drill down feature allows user to go deep with top down analysis to better undestand and decide! Hundreds of dashboards and…

Geocoding & Geomarketing

Geocoding – Geomarketing and optimization tool. All embedded in the ERP interface!!! The final tool to add geographical dimensions to all your data analysis in the Vending ERP Vega is finally here, with all the world maps at your disposal and never seen level of interaction! Call us for an on line Demo!!!